Let it go and be free

So today i was watching a show about a women who says she still hurts from what happend 7 years ago…So her husband cheated on her 7 years ago and till now she is still holding on to the pain…

Now i know that its not easy forgetting certain things,but you cant let them take control of you.Learn to forgive and let go.Letting go means when you remember it or when you tell a story about it its not gonna steal your joy..We keep grudges against people who dont even care about us anymore,you still hate that friend of yours for something he/she did in highschool or your ex that cheated on you even your parents for not loving…and all this things become a job cos you have to make sure that they know you still hurting but come on it happend years ago and people move on its life

Forgiving and forgetting 90% of the time is for yourself,when you forgive you dont do it to make someone else happy you do it to free yourself from the pain.

So just let go of all the things that caused you pain you cant let something that happend years ago still hurt you till now…you desrve some light in your life,just let it go and be happy

Stay strong loves

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